FORENA ENERGY SA is a Green Aggregator. It was established in 2019 at the initiative of the Hellenic Small Hydro Association (HSHA), with the majority of its stakeholders currently owning operational or under construction RES projects of all RES technologies (mainly small hydros) and it is staffed mainly by young people – scientists with experience in Energy Market related issue.

Utilizing its experienced specialized personnel, FORENA ENERGY undertakes the balancing responsibility of RES assets, further to the forecasting and submitting their daily generation schedules in the Day Ahead and Intra Day markets.  Relying on market analysts, meteorologists, and advanced weather forecasting tools with constant real-time data updates, electricity market simulation models and risk management strategies, we optimize and balance RES and CHP production. Our goal is to achieve maximum value for the production of our customers.

FORENA ENERGY SA offers a reliable solution for RES producers under the operation of the Target Model since:

  • Is staffed by specialized personnel with long experience in the field of RES production and electricity trading.
  • Focuses on the individual needs of each project / producer on a continuous 24/7 basis.
  • Ensures complete transparency and access to customer / RES producer data by providing customized production reporting in conjunction with market data.
  • Assumes the responsibility for forecasting and production declarations in the day-ahead and intra-day markets, as well as the responsibility for balancing and clearing divergences at all stages of market development.
  • Covers all RES producer obligations towards reporting entities and system operators (REMIT reporting, etc.).operators (REMIT reporting, etc.).
  • Provides the opportunity for additional trading for risk management and profit maximization through long-term hedging.
  • Undertakes the negotiation and sale of the Guarantees of Origin on behalf of the RES producer with view to maximizing revenue from each RES asset. 
  • Offers competitive service charges.