Forena Energy ensures the direct participation of your generation capacity:

  • in the current day-ahead Greek market
  • the new day-ahead and intra-day markets, in the context of the Target Model operation in Greece (from its implementation onwards), as well as the new forward market (price hedging – risk management)
  • in the new balancing and auxiliary services market in Greece, settles the deviations clearing process for you, while at the same time undertakes your balancing risks

Due to its experience and the reliable management tools it has developed, Forena Energy covers the obligation of actively participate in the market, as well as the responsibility of balancing each project production with zero risk for the producer.

Forena Energy, undertakes the collection, processing, management and analysis of asset production data to optimize day-ahead generation forecasts and correct these submitted generation forecasts on intraday basis. Forecasting is carried out by applying a specific hourly production forecasting algorithm that is developed separately for each asset, aiming to minimize deviations between forecasted and actual generation.

Forena Energy manages processes and clears all financial transactions with the Market and System Operators on daily and monthly basis and provides detailed reporting to RES owners regarding the management of their assets.

In line with our aim to generate maximum value and revenues for the RES producer, Forena Energy undertakes the certification/issuance of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) for each RES asset and manages the sales process for them collectively, on the basis of its total asset portfolio, in order to achieve maximum market prices. 

Furthermore, Forena Energy undertakes the reporting obligations of RES generation assets under the REMIT European Regulation.